Hair Care Dos & Don’ts: 2 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing To Your Hair

Hair Care – the dos, the don’ts and 2 things your hair actually needs.

Hair Care Dos & Don’ts: 2 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing To Your Hair

            (Plus 2 Things Your Hair Actually Needs)

Everyone desires to have super glossy and healthy natural hair, but that can’t happen when you keep indulging in unhelpful habits that weaken and strip your hair of its natural glow.

There is no remedy or formula that will give you beautiful hair overnight. Your daily hair care routine is what will determine the state of your hair. That’s why following the right hair routine is as important as (if not more) using the right kind of products for your hair.

4 Important Dos & Don’ts for Soft, Shiny, Healthy Hair   

The 2 Hair Don’ts

  1. Don’t over-rely on dry shampoo

Just because you have no time or for some other reason – you’ll then go for a long time without giving your hair a good wash with shampoo and water. Even if you use a dry shampoo, this unpleasant scenario will still take place: 

Your sweat, natural hair oil, environmental debris and pollutants, hair cream (or oil) as well as the dry shampoo residue will buildup and clog your follicles. And you know what a clogged follicle does?

It can stunt your hair growth and cause you embarrassing hair loss. So, as much as possible, try to give your hair regular cleansing with hair care products meant for your type of hair.

  1. Go easy on heat-styling tools for hair 

This may be a tough pill to swallow for most people since heat can magically make a sad-looking hair come alive. But following this rule will give you that gorgeous natural hair you’ve always been dreaming of.

Excessive heat from flat-irons and blow driers can lead to split ends and make your hair fragile, rough, dry, and brittle – all the things you definitely don’t want for your hair.

To guide against the damaging effect of too much heat on your hair, set your blow dryer to cool mode when using it. Also, apply a natural hair serum EVERY SINGLE TIME you want to use hot tools on your hair. The serum will protect your hair from the heat and deliver that sleek and shiny look you’ve always envied on others. 

Another helpful tip your strands can benefit from is natural drying. Blow-drying takes excessive moisture from the hair. Thus, from time to time, allow your hair to dry the natural way. 

The 2 Hair Dos

  1. Moisturise using a light oil

While it’s almost common knowledge that oil is preferable to greasy creams, you should know which type of oil to use on your hair. Slightly, thin, light oil (like Argan oil) is best for moisturizing your strands.

And the right time to apply it is immediately after shampooing and before using a mask or conditioner. The thinness of the oil makes it possible for hairs to soak up as much ‘nourishment’ from the moisturizer as possible.

  1. Protect your hair before going for a swim

The saltiness in a body of water and the chlorine content in a swimming pool can strip the natural oils (sebum) out of your scalp when you swim without protecting your hair.

Over time, your hair will become dry, frail, and eventually, the color might change. For this reason, before jumping into a pool or any water body, apply a leave-in conditioner on your scalp and hair. For better protection use real coconut oil or a conditioner that contains coconut oil.

After doing that, you may top up the safety by wearing a swim cap. 


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