How to Pick the Right Hairstyle for Your Face shape

Not all haircuts will complement your face and the same also applies to the next man – learn what works for you.

Before you go replicating that edgy, sophisticated hairstyle you admire on your favorite movie star, there are a few important factors you need to consider. 

One of them is the shape of your face. While your chosen style may make the star – and your friend who has already duplicated the cut – look like they are worth a million dollars, when you wear it, the results may not be as pleasing as you want. 

All because you have the ‘wrong’ facial structure for it. Not all haircuts will complement your face and the same also applies to the next man.

While some styles work well with rectangular, triangular, and oval shaped faces, others do better with square, heart, circle, and diamond shaped faces. The best cut for you will expertly frame your face and showcase your most flattering features.

If you’re interested in learning how to find that best cut, this guide will show you how and then some!

Identifying your face shape

There’s no way you can accurately choose the best style for your hair if you don’t know which face shape category you fall in.

To identify your face shape, take a selfie of your face. If you’re carrying long hair, make sure you tie all strands to the back so your facial structure can be easily seen.

On the phone, trace the edges of your face to see which structures it closely resembles. Alternatively, you can know your facial structure without a phone.

Pull your hair back (if it’s long), then take a hard look at yourself through the mirror. Next, compare the shape staring back at you to these images to see which one it matches best.    

Image Source: Rich by Rick RossMen's face shapes guide

Choosing the Best Hairstyle for Your Face 

Oval Shape

If your face is oval shaped, you’ll look better on classic short haircuts like an undercut. Another vital tip is to ensure your hair is swept away from your forehead. This builds volume and creates attractive angles on your hair.

A side-swept parting and fringe up are another good cut as that will show off your face. 

Round Shape

The best style for this type of face should create angles as well as give the shape more definition. Three examples of such hairstyles are side-cut, undercut, and faux hawk with shorter sides. 

Triangular Shape

A triangular shaped face requires volume to lower and soften the pointy structure of the head. This means hairstyles that involve thicker, longer plus fuller hair would be the best idea for you. Examples are swept bangs and mid-length fringe up.

If your face is like this, you don’t want to keep beards since it’ll make your already-wide chin look extra wide. 

Square Shape

The square-shaped face is very versatile. That is, most hairstyles including the extreme ones – really short or really long hair – complement this shape. Examples of haircuts you can try with this shape include Sidecut, Faux Hawk, and Slicked back side-part.

Oblong Shape (or Rectangle Shape)

The oblong shaped face is sort of a combination of the square and oval shapes. Men with this face shape should avoid large beards and go for cuts with fringes. The top of their hairstyles also needs to be short while the sides shouldn’t be too low or short.

Two options they can consider when opting for a change of look are Buzzcut and Side parted hairstyles.


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