The Irresistible Man Bun: 4 Reasons Women Are Digging Guys with Long Hair

Man Buns are in. Women have said so. Read below to find out why women are loving men with long hair.

In ancient times, men with thick, long locks were fearless, proud warriors who ruled the world. With their smoldering gaze and beautiful man bun, they project enough sex appeal to last two lifetimes. And just as you might have guessed, women often drool over them.

The situation hasn’t changed much in recent times. There is still something mysterious, bold, and utterly captivating about a man who is not bothered about going against acceptable societal norms with his fashion choice.

It is for men that don’t give a second thought of being stereotyped because they are sporting a hippie look. To add to this, it takes a special kind of guy to own the in-your-face sensual look that comes with having long hair.

Just like the ladies of old and the modern woman too, they all want to enter the mysterious and interesting world of a guy rocking man buns. Below are other reasons why women also want to date them.

He Has Swag in Spades

The truth is not every man has what it takes to successfully rock a long hair. Many things come to play before a guy can pull this style off – the facial structure, physique, confidence, and even the daring attitude.

That’s why you’ll mostly find that men with flowing locks are those who are sure of themselves and their appeal. Besides that, they tend to have an overabundance of swag that women just can’t resist.

He’s A Total Badass Who May Just Surprise You with the Amount of Work He’s Putting to Make the Relationship Work 

Sure, there’s no study backing this point up and it also may not be true in all cases. However, it stands to reason that any man willing to commit to the strenuous job of maintaining a longer mane – washing, conditioning, drying, brushing, and tying up buns – may not be afraid to put in the work to make his relationship work. However, that is if he truly desires it.

Moreover, his abundant self-assurance and daringness to flout conventional rules might just make him the perfect person to put up with your craziness since his ego isn’t easily threatened.  

When It Comes To Hair Struggles, This Dude Got You Covered In More Ways Than One

Did you forget your hairbrush at home or did your last hair tie break during an outing with your boo? Don’t fret too much, your bun-wearing guy probably has you covered.

A boyfriend wearing a man bun understands what a challenge it can be to keep long, thick hair in check. Since he’s in the ‘same boat’ as you, he always has a good shampoo, brush and elastics, at his place and in his car which you can borrow whenever you find yourself in a bind. 

He can relate with a lot of your long hair issues and when you complain that the stylist trimmed your shorter than you want it, he doesn’t think you’re been fussy. He completely gets your frustration. 

His Hair Can Be a Great Aphrodisiac/Mood Booster 

Besides the bad boy appeal of sporting longer locks, what many girlfriends of bun wearers love about their man’s hair is the fact that they get to play it whenever they like.

While your girl pal may not entertain you tugging, digging around, and playing with her mane, your boyfriend won’t have a problem with that. As a matter of fact, he’s secretly enjoying the attention even when he’s grumbling that you’re messing up his beautiful hairdo.

Some girlfriends even use their boos’ long hair for practice (and at home of course), when they want to perfect their styling skills for a particular hairstyle. All this attention been showered on boyfriend’s hair can be a nice way to playfully pass time.

On another hand, it can also be a powerful aphrodisiac that leads to one helluva happy ending. 


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