How to Pick the Right Haircut for All Hair Types

Identify your hair type, and we will tell you what haircut is right for you!

Besides your barber’s skills, there are 4 key factors you should carefully consider if you always want to come out of the salon with a killer hairstyle that fits you to a T.  The factors are your hair type, face shape, the presence or lack of receding hairline, and your personality.

Most important things to note are your hair type and face shape. This is so important because when you find a hairstyle that’s tailor-made for these two features, you’ve already found a style that will show off your best features – that of your face and hair.

In addition to highlighting nice parts of your features, the right hairstyle will subtly disguise features you would like to keep in the background. To make sure you pick a cut that will make your hair the envy of your friends, go over our list, find your hair type and see which kind of cut or style will go best with it. 

Thick Hair

As nice as it is to have full and thick locks, this hair type can become a nuisance sometimes. There are times you can’t help but feel lucky about your sexy-looking, luscious hair.

Some days, no matter the effort you put into styling it or the kind of product you use, the hair refuses to stay in place. It spreads haphazardly at every angle.  

Haircuts for Thick Hair

Men with thick hair have a huge advantage over other types of hair because weighty hair helps keep the styles in place. Whether your chosen style is a seductive side part or the infamous slick pompadour, thick hair will always manage to appear awesome.

To show your thick locks in the best light, it is recommended you let it grow out a little to give the hair some volume to support your new style.

Thinning hair

When properly styled, thin hair has the potential to appear full and bouncy like thick hair. However, in its natural state, fine thin hair often looks floppy, and totally lifeless because of its lack of volume and bulkiness.

In some extreme cases, you’ll notice thin hair will start developing leading to a receding hairline which is a sign of baldness.  

Haircuts for Thin Hair

Longish hairstyles are not exclusive to people with only thick hair. As a matter of fact, thin hair types show off better with longer styles because the extra length adds volume and makes the hair look thicker than they really are.

Shorter styles, in contrast, bring out the shortcomings – lack of density – of thin hairs.

Ideally, longer styles you should go for are medium or shoulder-length locks like layered curtains or some other mid-length hairstyles.

Wavy Hair 

It takes a true expert of wavy and curly hair to properly style these two hair types because the texture of curls and waves vary from person to person. Moreover, the style that works for one person may be disaster on another wavy hair.

Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Good hairstyle options a person with wavy locks may consider are messy crops, tapered sides, short quiffs, and cuts that give your hair some definition.

Afro Hair

Just as wavy and curly hairs differ from one group to another, the same applies to afro hair. Two afro hair may appear the same, but upon closer inspection, you may come to realize they vary in texture, thickness, and curl size.

If you keep an afro, always remember to moisturize and oil your hair because this hair type is prone to dryness.

Haircuts for Afro Hair

The best styling advice we can give lovers of afro hair is to ask your barber or stylist to show you styles that work great for your curl type. Some haircuts are rounder, while others are squarer or a bit more faded – but it’s hard to give a recommendation until your type of curls can be identified.

Asian Hair

Asian hair with its characteristic glossy appearance and thickness is one of the best-looking natural. The downside of such hair is that it doesn’t yield to heat styling tools.

Haircuts for Asian Hair

The best cut for Asian hair is a style with sharp or well-defined shapes. Short crops, particularly those with short sides and a long top will also bring out the best from an Asian hair. 


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