The 5 Biggest Lifestyle Trends That Will Shape Men’s Lives In 2022

As much as we all want to forget about 2021… there are a few things worth remembering. Read below for some of the top trends from 2021 that are growing into 2022.

The year 2021 was indeed a year of tremendous change and disruption. The mass and lightning-fast infection rate of the coronavirus effectively slowed down – and in some cases continued to shut down – the economy of the 218 countries and territories in the world.

Nevertheless, human resilience came to the fore and people managed to make the most of the year the moment the lockdown started easing up. In the health, fashion, and business worlds, a couple of trends came alive, thrived, and will enter into the New Year bigger and better than before.

Here in this post, we reveal the top trends that are growing into 2022 and explore what they are all about.

  1. Patchwork

The newest hottie in town presently is a boho piece you might have rocked in the past. Patchwork has a stylish air that looks just as good during a wild night out with friends and also during a quick visit to the local bagel and coffee shop. 

When going for this piece, it’s good to note that they can be very pricey because of the labor that goes into piecing different fabrics together. However, there are budget-friendly versions.

These versions only have the patchwork design printed on them. They are not made of pieced together fabrics.  

  1. Sweater Vests

The sweater vest is one of the biggest fashion stars of 2021. Going by the huge love the fashion world and social media are still showering on this garment right now, we’ll certainly be seeing more of it come 2022.

The once-popular knitwear which you might have sworn in your youth never to wear again because of its past drab and shapeless features has taken on a more exciting look. Unlike past designs, newer sweater vests now come in fun colors and bold patterns. 

  1. Smartphone Lanyards

The cell phone lanyard is an essential fashion staple that keeps gaining popularity by the minute. If you tend to misplace your phone a lot, do make sure this trending item is on your next shopping list. 

A lanyard will keep your smartphone safe and within easy reach at all times. Some designs even double as a pouch of sorts, in that you can keep smaller items such as IDs, cards, or bills in them.  

  1. Telecommuting and Videoconferencing 

Before the pandemic, many companies didn’t fully integrate remote working into their systems. They were very skeptical about its effect on workers’ output. However, life happens and the lockdown kept everyone indoors.

Big firms with employees that could work from home started doing so. Now that the coronavirus is gradually going away – thanks to big pharma and the creation of vaccines – surveys revealed that companies are starting to prefer remote working to working from the office.

A study conducted for CCS Insights discovers that up to 60 percent of business leaders in North America and Western Europe expect not less than 25 percent of their staff to work partly from their homes – even where there’s no more threat of COVD-19.

Organizations like Twitter and Dropbox have already concluded that their entire workforce have the option to work from home. While Facebook and Microsoft say a considerable portion of workers are allowed to opt for remote working.

  1. Autonomous Driving Technology

As we speak, the autonomous driving industry producing self-driving or driverless cars is experiencing one of its fiercest market competitions. Some of the key contenders in the race to dominate this niche are Tesla, Honda, and Ford. 

Tesla’s Autopilot can perform automatic lane changes, lane centering, and also detect speed signs and green lights. Honda recently announced its plan to mass-produce autonomous cars that would not require any intervention from a driver under certain conditions.

Ford, Mercedes-Benz, GM, and other automakers are also not left out. Everyone is coming up with different plans and designs to lead the market.


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