3 Damaging Habits That Are Gradually Killing Your Hair

Stop damaging your luscious locks – learn about the 3 habits that are ruining your hair.

Your smile fades away every time you take a look at your hair in the mirror. You begin to wonder how several things are going wrong with your hair despite all your efforts. 

Flyaways seem to be your newfound best friend. Split ends, breakage and unusual hair loss – all seem to have become your pals.

“Where did I get it wrong?” You wonder from time to time.

In many cases, the hair mishaps a lot of people struggle with is not because they lack the right hair care products or have low hair hygiene. Surprisingly, the problem could be linked to destructive hair habits they’ve cultivated over the years.

Habits that are slowly weakening their hair until the poor strands pitifully start to fall off or break away one after the other. In this post, you’ll discover 3 leading unsavory habits that are ruining people’s hair.

Which of them are you guilty of?  

  1. Using the Wrong Hairbrush

If you’ve been complaining about lots of flyaways in your hair, the cause might not be what you think. You may have your hairbrush to blame.

Take, for instance, the case of someone who has wavy or curly hair using a ceramic round brush. During blow drying, a ceramic brush will heat up and cause the hair to fry.

Whereas, if the person had used a natural bristle brush, that would have been a better choice. The brush would heat up as much as the ceramic and you would experience lesser frizz and breakage.

Where a ceramic brush is a bad idea for wavy strands, it is a safe option for straight hair since it has more slip that would gently smooth out the hair.   

  1. Washing Your Hair Wrongly

There are several people out there that don’t wash their hair the right way. Some dig in and wash in circular motions. Others wash with more force because their hair is extremely full and they feel applying more pressure will get all the dirt out.

These two washing methods – circular motion and rough washing – are all wrong for the hair. No matter how dirty your hair may be, gentle washing will still get every single dirt out. Washing circularly is wrong because it will tangle your hair the more and make brushing after your shower a nightmare. The result is split-ends and hair breakage.

The appropriate way to wash your hair is to gently massage from side to side. For those who are confused about whether it’s okay to wash with warm water.

Yes, it’s okay. Science says it is even the best temperature for washing since warm water makes the hair pores open up more. When hair pores are open, they can absorb all the juicy goodness in a shampoo and conditioner. After washing with warm water, you can then switch to cold water. 

  1. Excessive Use of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver when you want instant great-looking hair but don’t have the time to spare for your normal intensive wash. But making this quick fix an everyday affair can be extremely damaging to your beautiful hair.

Although an occasional spritzing of dry shampoo is completely harmless, heavy usage will cause a build-up of product residue and other dirt on your hair shaft.

The build-up weighs down your hair and causes inflammation. Inflammation in turn makes your hair susceptible to more damage and hair loss. The ideal number of times hair experts recommend that dry shampoo should be used is not more than two times in a week.


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